Anchor and Anchor Chain

<b>Anchor and Anchor Chain</b> The anchor gear consists of an anchor and the anchor chain. The chain is connected to the anchor by means of the anchor shackle (often a swivel shackle). On smaller ships, the anchor chain can be replaced by a shorter chain lead (a few meters of chain directly on the anchor) and an anchor rope (anchor line). Since the weight of the anchor cable or the anchor chain plays an essential role in the holding force of the anchor gear, lines with incorporated lead weights are occasionally found when cables are used exclusively to compensate for the lower weight of the cable to the chain. For this purpose, riding weights can also be attached to the cable. These measures are more likely to be used in recreational shipping. In maritime shipping, only anchors and chains are used. With regard to the type of anchor, the anchor base is differentiated. This is based on the knowledge that the optimal anchor shape should be selected depending on the anchorage. The anchor commonly used on seagoing ships today is the patent anchor which, as a compromise solution with regard to durability, is best suited to the various anchorage grounds, although there are nuances in the execution of its detailed design. This anchor achieves its holding force in that it digs into the ground when the anchor chain is pulled almost horizontally. To ensure this horizontal pull, sufficient chain must be put in place when anchoring, depending on the wind and sea conditions.