Port Neches - USPON -

Entering the Seaport of Port Neches

Approaching the Port

As you approach the seaport of Port Neches, keep a lookout for the entrance channel markers. The channel is marked by red and green buoys, with the red buoys on your right (starboard) side and the green buoys on your left (port) side. Follow the channel markers carefully to avoid running aground or colliding with other vessels.

Communicating with the Port

Before entering the port, you must contact the Port Neches Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) on VHF channel 12. The VTS will provide you with instructions on how to proceed and any special requirements or restrictions that may be in place. Be sure to have your vessels name, size, and draft ready when you make contact.

Entering the Port

Once you have received clearance from the VTS, proceed through the entrance channel at a safe speed. Keep a lookout for other vessels and follow the traffic flow. The port has a speed limit of 5 knots, so be sure to maintain a slow and steady pace.

Mooring at the Port

When you reach your designated berth, follow the instructions of the dockmaster or port authority. Use caution when maneuvering your vessel and be sure to secure all lines properly. Once your vessel is safely moored, you can begin your business at the Port Neches seaport.
Remember to always follow safe navigation practices and communicate clearly with the port authorities to ensure a smooth and successful entry into the seaport of Port Neches.
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