Ulsan - KRUSN -

Entering the Seaport of Ulsan, Korea

Approaching the Port

As you approach the seaport of Ulsan, Korea, you will first see the breakwater that protects the harbor from the open sea. The breakwater is marked by a red and white lighthouse, which is visible from a distance. As you get closer, you will see the entrance to the port, which is marked by two green buoys.

Entering the Port

Once you have passed the green buoys, you will need to contact the port authority on VHF channel 16 to request permission to enter. The port authority will provide you with instructions on which berth to proceed to and any other relevant information.
As you enter the port, you will see the various facilities and infrastructure that make up the port of Ulsan. The port is home to a number of terminals, including container terminals, oil terminals, and bulk cargo terminals. You will also see the various cranes and other equipment used to load and unload cargo from ships.

Mooring at the Berth

Once you have been assigned a berth, you will need to approach it carefully and moor your vessel securely. The port of Ulsan has a number of berths with different facilities and services, so be sure to confirm which berth you have been assigned and what services are available.
As you moor your vessel, you will see the various workers and personnel who operate the port. The port of Ulsan is known for its efficient and professional workforce, who are dedicated to ensuring the safe and timely handling of cargo and vessels.


Entering the seaport of Ulsan, Korea requires careful navigation and communication with the port authority. Once you have entered the port, you will see the various facilities and infrastructure that make up this important hub of maritime trade. By following the proper procedures and working with the port personnel, you can ensure a safe and successful visit to the port of Ulsan.