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Shipyard name AUSTAL Mobile USA
Mobile, United States
Dimensions Max. Length: 211.0m  | Max. Width: 37.0m
  • New Buildings
  • Repairs
  • Ship Recycling
    • Dry Dockings
    • Ship Repairs
    • Conversions
    • Refits
    • Afloat Repairs
    • Engine Overhauls
    • Mechanical Services
    • Hydraulic Services
    • Piping & Fitting Services
    • Cleaning & Blasting Services
    • Coating Services
    • Carpentry Services
    • Insulation Services
    • HVAC Services
    • Design & Engineering Services
    • Steel Fabrication
    • Warehousing/Storage
    • Spare Part Service
    • Additional Subcontractor Services
    • Floating Crane Services
    • Mobile Cranage
    • Work Pontoons
    • Diving Services
    • Headquarters
    • Administration
    • Project Management
    • Procurement
    • Logistics
    • BWTS Installation
    • Scrubber Installation
    • Vessel Upgrades
    • Pipe welding robot
    • Tank Coating
    • UHP wall Crawlers
    • UHP deck Crawlers
    • Abatement Services
    • Fuel Transfer/ Storage
    • Wet berth
    • Lifted onshore for scrapping
    • Slipway
    • Dismantling ramp
    • Floating dock
    • Drydock
ISO 9001:2015

Austal USA started operations in 1999 with under 100 employees on a 14-acre facility that consisted of a 90 x 60 assembly bay fronted by a 380-foot wharf. The original support staff of six included three vice presidents and their assistants and the team worked in a double-wide trailer.The first major expansion was completed in November 2005, shortly after Austal began designing the Independence-variant Littoral Combat Ship for the U.S. Navy. This expansion included two additional assembly bays, two launch pads, and a combined wharf (bulkhead) length of 750 feet.more

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