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Shipyard name Sok Denizcilik SHIP RECYCLING
Izmir, Turkey
  • Ship Recycling
OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 30000

“SOK DENIZCILIK TICARET LIMITED” is one of the major ship dismantling and recycling companies in Turkey. The company established and began the activities in Aliaga/Izmir back in 1991; one of the main industrial regions of Turkey where many steel mills are located together with other production units (cement factories, a petrochemical refinery, a power plant) as well as two large ports. Combining the dedication with the knowledge and experience gained in the past two decades has not just made the company stand out among it’s competitors but also leaded the local industry to the term of “ship recycling” rather than “ship breaking”. The facility is spreaded over 40,050M2 area with a 100meters long shoreline. The main machinery inventory consists of 2 lattice boom cradle cranes with each110 metric tons capacity, 1 lattice boom cradle crane with 75 metric tons capacity, 1 field crane with 20 metric tons capacity, 2 excavators with each 145kN tear out capacity, 3 units of field loaders and 4 units of heavy rigged capstans each with pulling capacity of 600 metric tons. As a result of working with an experienced team and powerful equipment, the company reaches 6000 metric tons of monthly material production capacity. Paying fanatical attention to details in every step of the projects made " SOK DENIZCILIK " a solution provider to many major ship owning companies( BOLUDA LINES, SUBSEA 7, MSC SHIPPING, HOEGH AUTOLINERS, ITALIAN STATE FERRY LINES AND ALLIANCA LINES ) for their ship recycling requirements. The company is also approved by the Environmental Agency of the U.K. by receiving a decommissioned ex Royal Navy frigate. After the arrival of " ATWOOD SOUTHERN CROSS " , a semi-submersible drilling rig, in the end of 2014 the company added offshore segment to it`s reputable track record of success. Environmentally sound ship recycling and workforce health & safety is a paramount for “ SOK DENIZCILIK ”. The company has a zero tolerance policy about the subjects and fully complies with the requirements of both national and international legislations. A solid track record of worker safety is proving the company’s effective health and safety management plan & policy. In addition to having all required domestic licenses and permissions, " SOK DENIZCILIK " is also one of the first ship recycling companies certified for ISO-9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and ISO-30000 by the ""LLYOD`s REGISTER " . The company is a proud member of "I.S.R.A." (International Ship Recyclers` Association). Upcoming developments and regulations related with the ship recycling industry are being followed very closely and it is a paramount for the company to be preapared and meet requirements even before they come into force.more

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