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<h1>Floating dock</h1> In the maritime domain, the dry dock is crucial for vessel repair, vessel maintenance, and many other operations that take place when the vessel is in the dry dock condition. When a vessel is in dry dock, there aren't many profits since the vessel is in that state, but it's also important as per the SOLAS norms and standards and also the vessel shouldn't break down when sailing, thus a lot of care should be made to maintain the vessel working. The floating dry dock is one of the most important types of dry docking the vessel because it is very adaptable and keeps the vessel afloat. The floating dry dock is actually like a barge that is linked with proper machinery and that goes deep down the water to make it easier for the vessel to get its position and once the vessel is on the barge it comes up to make it easier for vessel inspection and repairing work. Today, due to high costs and growing business, ship owners do not want to keep the ship at dry dock facility for too long, instead they want quick solutions where there are less costs and less time is required for dry docking the ship, also here the advantage is as the ship is afloat the launching problem is also solved, many times ship launching turns out to be disaster if not properly done, so floating dry dock comes out to be a perfect solution to minimize all of these issues. Nowadays, thanks to several improved and advanced technology, practically all sizes of ships may be repaired using the floating dry dock approach. There must be expert services for floating dry dock, otherwise there may be a problem because it is difficult to maintain the system for a floating dry dock, and there should be proper depth where the floating dry dock is carried out because the barge needs to be submerged properly, otherwise it can cause problems for the ship, so proper services are required to carry out floating dry dock. The dimensions of a floating dry dock should be verified, and the vessel should be docked properly; it should not be too compact, since this would make repairing and maintenance work difficult. References: 1. <a href="https://www.wartsila.com/encyclopedia/term/dock ">Wartsila</a> 2. <a href="https://www.marineinsight.com/guidelines/dry-dock-types-of-dry-docks-requirements-for-dry-dock/#Types_of_Dry_Dock">Marineinsight.com</a>

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