Gas Turbines

<b>Gas Turbines</b> As so-called “air jet engines with compressors”, gas turbines have achieved great maturity and reliability in aircraft construction over many years of development. Their use in shipping was initially restricted to warships in a modified form. The gas turbine later also proved its worth where high speeds are required in maritime shipping (ferry shipping). If disadvantages of diesel systems such as large weight and volume, unfavorable center of gravity, complicated operation, etc. are to be avoided, the gas turbine system is an alternative. Gas turbine lengths for seagoing ships have the following advantages: - low weight and volume - high performance range - fast acceleration - easy maintenance - automation friendliness - easy replacement of the turbine sets The advantages of the gas turbine system have, however, been called into question in recent years due to the comparatively considerable consumption of high-quality fuels and the resulting extreme cost burden. Accordingly, merchant ships originally equipped with gas turbines were converted to medium-speed diesel engines.