Turbocharger In-Shop Repairs

Turbocharger In-Shop Repairs<h1>Turbocharger In-Shop Repairs</h1> Turbocharger repairing is challenging and must be done properly and by professional experts, as a new turbocharger is expensive, and if a less experienced person onboard does the repairing, it can cause more damage to the turbocharger, necessitating the purchase of a new one; therefore, experts should handle the repairing work. Furthermore, for fixing a major or big damage of a turbocharger, necessitates a suitable solid platform such as land, which is not possible onboard since the ship is continually listing and major repairing is not possible while listing; hence, the ship must be brought to a port from where the turbocharger can be moved for in-shop repairing. In-shop repairing is done so that the turbocharger repairing work can be done accurately and conveniently, as fixing a turbocharger requires a variety of tools and equipment, that cannot be done made possible onboard so easily, and so for this purpose turbocharger must be carried for shop repairing. Any turbocharger repair work begins with a thorough dismantling of all components, followed by a thorough examination of all parts for damage and, accordingly the repairing work is carried out. For in-shop repairing work, defected turbine blades are repaired, the rotor shaft is cleaned, turbine and compressor casings are washed and then tested for defects and leaks, bearings and seals have to be replaced as needed in turbocharger repairing work, the dynamic balancing of rotor shaft using electronic system is done so that the rotor shaft is balanced properly and with the electronic system it gives assurance that the rotor shaft is balanced and is ready for the operation, the K value for the shaft is critical for alignment and must be verified when repairing work, and air filters are thoroughly inspected. The shaft In-shop repairing work takes time, but in the case of a turbocharger, to avoid the risk of future damage and harm to the component, in-shop repairing must be preferred. Additionally, many times in the case of a turbocharger, on-board repairing is not possible, so the turbocharger must be repaired in-shop where all the parts, tools, and equipment are available, and also turbocharger repairing is preferable for turbine blades and turbo rotor shaft rather than replacing these components. References: 1. <a href="https://tsi.eu.com/marine-turbocharger-repair/ ">tsi.eu.com</a> 2. <a href="http://pillar-ms.com/turbo-charger-repair/ ">pillar-ms.com</a> 3. <a href="https://liturbo.com/marine-turbo-rebuild/">liturbo.com</a>