Fire Detection and Alerting

<b>Fire Detection and Alerting</b> In order to ensure effective fire detection according to SOLAS II-2, C, Reg. 7, fire detectors and alarm devices must be appropriate for the respective area of ​​application, its size and the potential for damage. In addition to automatic fire alarms, manually operated alarm devices should be installed so that they are easily accessible. The alarm should be visual and acoustic (in the ship's control room and on the bridge) and must be clearly differentiated from other signals. SOLAS differentiates between ships that carry more or less than 36 passengers. Devices for fire detection and reporting should be installed in common rooms, hallways, stairwells and on escape routes. Furthermore, requirements for areas with a low or low fire risk are simplified to the effect that no fire alarms have to be present. A guide to the number and position of smoke alarms can be found in the FSS Code (International Code for Fire Safety Systems).