Lifebuyos / Lifejackets

<b>Lifebuyos / Lifejackets</b> Half of all lifebuoys (at least six on passenger ships) must be equipped with self-igniting lights that cannot be extinguished by water and that light up for at least 45 minutes. Lifejackets must be available for every person on board; Suitable vests must also be available for children. On passenger ships, lifejackets must also be carried for 5% of all persons on board, which must be kept in a clear place on deck. Lifejackets approved according to SOLAS on European ships must be marked with the wheel-mark symbol. It confirms that the requirements of the regulations are met, such as floating bodies designed in double-chamber systems, the equipment with life jacket lights or the required number of reflective strips. There are precise regulations depending on the type of ship. Minimum standards for safety on ships are described in the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea - SOLAS.