Electric Motors

<b>Electric Motors</b> Electric ship propulsion systems consist of a power generation system and an ordinary electric traction motor located in the aft ship. Today, the traction motor is sometimes even attached outside the hull and at the same time used as a “rudder system”. These are encapsulated 360 ° rotatable propulsion drives (azimuth systems / Azipod), which not only further improve the smoothness of running, but also give the ships particularly good maneuvering properties. Today they are used in particular in ferry and ro / ro shipping as well as on cruise ships. If the power generation plant is driven by steam turbine generators, it is called a turbo-electric drive, if diesel engines are used, your diesel-electric drive is used. The main advantages of these coupled drive systems are: - the good controllability (in connection with a controllable pitch propeller almost continuously adjustable) - depending on the power requirement, individual traction motors and generator sets can be switched on or off so that power is generated at the most favorable operating point - freedom of arrangement for the power generation system - freedom of automation - high travel comfort due to low noise and vibration pollution Disadvantages of the electric ship propulsion are, in particular, the poorer efficiency of the system and the higher investment costs.