Computerized Dynamic Balancing

Computerized Dynamic Balancing<h1>Computerized Dynamic Balancing</h1> Every part of a vessel is equally important, and for a good vessel performance, it is necessary that every part of the vessel performs well to its assigned function in order to ensure that the vessel does not breakdown in the middle of the voyage, and thus there are various techniques that ensure that these parts are safe and can work efficiently if proper techniques are followed. There are many issues in the case of a vessel, because the vessel has to travel under different climates, and it is obvious that the parts of the vessel will not perform up to their standards after some time, but these issues can be solved if proper maintenance and repairing works are carried out. Nowadays, there are many alternatives for almost all traditional repairing techniques because most traditional repairing techniques are time consuming and hence not economically beneficial to vessel owners. Computerized dynamic balancing is a very beneficial technique for determining the balancing status of rotating parts. This technique is especially important in the case of a vessel's propeller, as a propeller that is not fully balanced creates a lot of vibrations and frequencies, which causes noise and this is not good for the people on board as well as the marine ecosystem. A computerized dynamic balancing technique should be preferred to ensure proper balancing of a propeller because it checks the forces and weights on the propeller and accordingly the balancing can be checked, the system records the weight of all blades on the different spots of the propeller, if the dial for the balance check is rotating very fast then the propeller is not balanced and then the massive portions on the propeller are removed as directed by the electronic system, and when the dial stabilizes and no longer rotates quickly, the propeller is entirely balanced; this procedure proves to be incredibly efficient and affordable. As propeller is a very crucial component of a vessel and therefore it is critical that it performs well. It is common for a propeller to be damaged, and even though it appears to be a minor failure or harm, it causes a significant loss in propeller performance and thus rises the fuel consumption; therefore, it is essential that the propeller performs well and that it is repaired as soon as possible if affected and after repairing, the propeller's balance condition must be examined to ensure optimum operation. References: 1.<a href=" https://neprop.com/high-performance-prop-repairs/dynamic-balancing/ ">neprop.com</a> 2. <a href="https://youtu.be/ghWhcI6cjI8 ">YouTube</a> 3. <a href="https://www.rokadegroup.com/blog/marine-propeller-repair-and-dynamic-balancing.php">rokadegroup.com</a>