Turbo Lubrication Oil Pumps

<h1>Turbo Lubrication Oil Pumps</h1> The turbocharger converts additional energy from an engine's exhaust gases to compressed air, which is subsequently fed into the engine. This allows the engine to burn more fuel, resulting in higher power, and improves the overall performance of the combustion system. The turbocharger is intended to boost efficiency and manage the combustion process. Turbochargers are very useful as they make use of the exhaust gases to enhance the engine's performance. Also, with the help of turbocharger it becomes extremely easy to significantly increase engine power while minimizing emissions. Since turbochargers are so important, they must be properly maintained, which includes adequate lubrication. Otherwise, a turbocharger would struggle to perform efficiently. There is an oil line, which is a feed tube connected to the engine lubrication system, and with this oil tube, the turbocharger is lubricated with a sufficient supply of oil. The key purpose of this oil tube, is to provide the necessary lubrication for the turbocharger and particularly the turbo shaft. This oil tube is a thin line with a narrow diameter, which can cause issues since it can have clogs within, especially when it is nearby to heating factors, and the oil within can get carbonized. Furthermore, these tubes can create a considerable lag, which can occasionally result in an oil deficit to the turbo bearings and shaft. This can lead to problems to the turbocharger, as turbocharger runs at a very high speed and there should be proper lubrication of oil to the shaft and bearings in order to work efficiently, for this there are oil pumps which can help in lubrication of turbocharger. These oil pumps are typically gear-driven and are powered by the turbocharger's rotating shaft, which is located on both the turbine and the compressor side of the turbocharger. There is also an oil sump on either side of the turbocharger casing from which the oil pump feeds oil. These oil pumps are commonly found in big turbochargers and are quite beneficial for bearing lubrication. Oil pumps must be examined on a regular basis to avoid pump system failure. If suitable lubricating oil systems are not used, it causes significant damage to the turbocharger; hence, proper lubricating oil systems must be used to ensure the smooth operation of the turbocharger. References: 1.<a href="https://www.marineinsight.com/tech/understanding-turbocharger-bearings-lubrication-ships/ ">marineinsight.com</a> 2. <a href="https://nissens.com/en-gb/automotive/oil-feed-pipes.aspx ">nissens.com</a> 3. <a href="https://www.uniturbin.com/marine/turbocharger/oil-pump-reconditioning">uniturbin.com</a>