Oil Control Ring

Oil Control Ring<h1>Oil Control Ring</h1> These rings are installed at the bottom of the piston and are referred to as oil control rings. Oil control rings are slightly differed from the top rings, and oil control rings are very important in piston rings. These rings should be placed and installed properly, otherwise it has adverse effects on the engine. These rings are made up of two slim rings, a spacer ring and an expander in the centre. The function of the expander which is placed in the centre, is to move the spacer ring atop and down to provide stability while disrupting the oil around its hole for improved lubrication and reduced friction. The objective of this ring is to scrape the majority of the oil from the hole and deposit it into the crankcase portion of the engine through radial holes in the piston's ring groove. Also, it should not wipe off more oil since some must remain to lubricate the upper two compression rings. It helps to maintain the proper amount of oil, that is oil continuity is seen because of these rings between piston and cylinder walls. It aids in the regulation of the thickness of the oil layer on the cylinder walls. These rings help with lubrication, but also their cooling feature helps engine to work without being overheated. Due to this it enables the long run of engine in terms of efficiency. Source Image: Double-Bevelled-Oil-Control-Ring.jpg (1920×1080) (cupsinnovation.com) References for Article: 1. Types And Functions Of Piston Rings (expertscolumn.com) 2. What is an Oil Ring? (with pictures) (infobloom.com) 3. <a href="https://youtu.be/K4PafUH5Rrw ">YouTube</a> 4. <a href="https://youtu.be/ajJ7Uk6rffo ">YouTube</a>