Second Compression Ring

Second Compression Ring<h1>Second Compression Ring</h1> After the top compression ring, these rings are installed, therefore they are referred to as second compression ring. The second compression ring, is basically a combination of top compression ring and lower ring, and second compression ring is also called as scraper ring. The major purpose of this ring is constantly eliminate surplus oil from the bore. When the crank turns, oil leaving from the pressured bearing surfaces on the rod large end points is continuously pushed up behind the piston and it covers the bore walls which is mainly called as coating on the bore walls. Now, when the piston goes down the bore, this second ring does its main role of scraping the oil and maintaining the oil level as well as it prevents oil from accessing the engine’s combustion region, and therefore the second compression rings are mainly called as scraper rings. As a result, when the engine emits smoke, we can say that most of the time there is failure of this scraper ring. Also, these rings block the few combustion gases that pass through the top compression ring. The material used for scraper rings is mostly cast iron or ductile iron, also there is use of stainless steel or high alloy steel. References for Article: 1. What does the 2nd Piston Ring Do? Purpose and Function Explained! (wiseco.com) 2. Types And Functions Of Piston Rings (expertscolumn.com) 3. Engine Piston Rings - Piston Rings Manufacturer | Made in the USA | Hastings Manufacturing (hastingspistonrings.com) 4.<a href=" https://youtu.be/Q0enkgvoTJw ">Youtube</a> 5.<a href=" https://youtu.be/ajJ7Uk6rffo ">Youtube</a> 6.<a href=" https://youtu.be/K4PafUH5Rrw ">Youtube</a>