Top Compression Ring

Top Compression Ring<h1>Top Compression Ring</h1> Top compression ring is installed at the top of the piston head, which is normally the side of the combustion chamber. These rings vary in size according to the size of the piston. The task of these rings is mainly controlling the compression, due to these rings the gases remain in the cylinder and out of the crankcase, this is very important and these rings do that perfectly. Basically, they seal compression gases above the piston and because of this the gases do not get spilled below in the crankcase. Hence, the efficiency of the engine depends upon this part of the piston, and if this part is not working properly, then the engine efficiency will decrease, therefore this part should function good all the time. One more function of the top compression ring is related to heat transfer, these rings also allow heat to flow from the piston to the cylinder walls. The material from which these rings are made is cast iron or steel. These rings are glossy on the ring pack and are mostly made of stainless steel or chrome steel. In addition, for further sturdiness and longevity, these rings are usually made of steel nitride. Its shape is a metallic split shape. References for Article: 1. <a href="Types And Functions Of Piston Rings (expertscolumn.com) ">Expertscolumn.com</a> 2. Engine Piston Rings - Piston Rings Manufacturer | Made in the USA | Hastings Manufacturing (hastingspistonrings.com) 3. <a href="https://youtu.be/Q0enkgvoTJw ">YouTube</a> 4.<a href=" https://youtu.be/ajJ7Uk6rffo ">YouTube</a>