Identify & audit shipyards online

Compare facilities, references and company standards

  • Find and check potential shipyards

  • Compare the services of two or more shipyards

  • See vessels usage & utilization of the shipyard

  • Get contact information and staff members

  • Get an overwiew of docksizes and dimensions

  • See facility of cranes, berth and other equipment

  • See shipyard location on map

  • Get information about shipyard experiences and references

  • Get additional information like weather statistics, airports and hotels

  • Be informed by news & press clippings of the shipyard

Negotiate online

Request docking slots, availability and create docking tenders

  • Enter your docking tender & specifications

  • Receive answers from shipyards about their availability

  • Get proposals from multiple shipyards

  • Use utilization information of shipyards for second round of negotiation

Compare costs and services & decide

We help you to make a fair and transparent decision

  • Calculate cost of deviation

  • Price comparison for standard work and services

  • Price comparison for special work and special services

Enhance the transparency

Review work and share your experience with the community

  • Review work and share information according to your privacy settings

  • Rate a shipyard and the performance upon completion of your vessel

  • Share the rating with and the community to help other shipowners in their decision making process

  • Help shipyards to make their services even better