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Perama Peiraeus, Greece
Perama, Greece
Dimensions Max. Length: 93.2m / 305.7ft  | Max. Width: 17.0m / 55.8ft
  • Repairs
    • Ship Repairs
  • Repairs
    • Ship Repairs
ISO 14001
OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001

The shipyard was founded in 1922 as a traditional careenage that was constructing wooden ships, repairing and undertaking maintenance works of vessels and yachts. In 1994, being pioneer in its own category, extended its premises and installed a 280tns travel lift. Additionally, the company incorporated new methods in the productive process as well as in the administration. In 2009, maintaining the leading position and corresponding to the increasing requirements of its customers, created the most up to date shipyard for refit, repair, maintenance and construction of vessels and yachts. For the period 2014-2020 Halkitis Shipyards S.A. is planning and has already started carrying out the construction of a fully ventilated and equipped painting shed and a fully equipped enclosed area for new building and major refit/repair projects for Mega Yachts up to 60m in length. Halkitis Shipyards S.A. is certified to ISO 9001:2008/ ISO 14001:2004/ OSHAS 18001:2007 for refit, repair and maintenance of vessels and yachts. Also, Halkitis Shipyard S.A. is covered under LLOYD’S insurance of London for repairs liability.more

ATLAS SHIPYARDS S.A. specializes in all ranges of marine services. We guarantee success by investing in extensive knowhow and expertise, up-to-date technology, new strategies, experienced management and highly trained personnel.Our state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities combined with skillful employees, allow us to efficiently respond to diverse requests; such as engineering and electronic repairs and installation, propeller repairs and balancing, osmosis treatment and several surface preparation techniques. Office space, meeting rooms, internet and a wide range of other service facilities are available for your convenience during refit permanence. In addition, yacht and marine services, repair, spare parts and material spots are all located in the surrounding district of Perama. Located in the centre of Perama (close to Attiki Odos, just 40 minutes from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport and only 10 minutes from Greece's main port of Piraeus) ATLAS SHIPYARDS S.A. is strategically positioned providing easy access for all vessels sailing from the Adriatic Sea to Cyprus, the Aegean and Ionian Islands. The shipyard has 1,000 square meters of land and 20,000 square meters waterfront. The vast dimensions of the hauling dock, our shipyard premises and the construction of the new section completed in 2007 by one of the greatest Greek Construction Companies, in combination with the high - end 500 ton Travel Lift, give us the ability to accept, lift and service a wide range of ships and all types of yachts and Mega yachts up to 70 meters long.more

Type Name Length [m/ft] Width [m/ft] Draft [m/ft] Lifting capacity [t] Max crane SWL [t] Num. Cranes
Type Name Length [m/ft] Width [m/ft] Draft [m/ft] Lifting capacity [t] Max crane SWL [t] Num. Cranes
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