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Perama, Greece
Perama Attica, Greece
Dimensions Max. Length: 93.2m / 305.7ft  | Max. Width: 17.0m / 55.8ft Max. Length: 110.0m / 360.9ft  | Max. Width: 18.0m / 59.1ft
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    • Ship Repairs
  • Repairs
    • Ship Repairs
OHSAS 18001
ISO 9001
ISO 14001

ATLAS SHIPYARDS S.A. specializes in all ranges of marine services. We guarantee success by investing in extensive knowhow and expertise, up-to-date technology, new strategies, experienced management and highly trained personnel.Our state-of-the-art equipment and modern facilities combined with skillful employees, allow us to efficiently respond to diverse requests; such as engineering and electronic repairs and installation, propeller repairs and balancing, osmosis treatment and several surface preparation techniques. Office space, meeting rooms, internet and a wide range of other service facilities are available for your convenience during refit permanence. In addition, yacht and marine services, repair, spare parts and material spots are all located in the surrounding district of Perama. Located in the centre of Perama (close to Attiki Odos, just 40 minutes from Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport and only 10 minutes from Greece's main port of Piraeus) ATLAS SHIPYARDS S.A. is strategically positioned providing easy access for all vessels sailing from the Adriatic Sea to Cyprus, the Aegean and Ionian Islands. The shipyard has 1,000 square meters of land and 20,000 square meters waterfront. The vast dimensions of the hauling dock, our shipyard premises and the construction of the new section completed in 2007 by one of the greatest Greek Construction Companies, in combination with the high - end 500 ton Travel Lift, give us the ability to accept, lift and service a wide range of ships and all types of yachts and Mega yachts up to 70 meters long.more

MEGATECHNICA Is based and operates in the Perama Shiprepair Zone since 1992 and is active in the area of ship repairing, conversion and new building. MEGATECHNICA operates from their own shipyard / slipway where dry-docking, repairs, new building and conversion are carried out on any type of ships (mega-yachts, cruise and passenger ships as well as tankers and bulkers) of length up to 95 m and of weight up to 1,500 ton. In the shipyard there are covered spaces of about 600m2 equipped with modern tools and utilities such as electronic CNC pantograph, cold forming press, plate guillotine, rolling machine, profile shaping (horizontal) press, pipe forming presses, for the efficient and fast production. Since 2009, a new pier of 110m length was constructed, with full network for electric power, fire line and compressed air, able to serve ships up to 150 m length. Furthermore, we use the facilities of Perama and Drapetsona Shiprepair Zones (drydocks and piers) for repairs and conversions of bigger size ships that cannot be accommodated in own premises. MEGATECHNICA employs scientific personnel (Naval Architects & Marine Engineers)and skilled technicians certified, by recognized Organizations, for steel welding and pipe works as well as for cleaning and painting works. It co-operates with accredited companies in all other disciplines in the ship maintenance works (carpentry, electrical, mechanical, HVAC, electronics, etc. MEGATECHNICA has proven experience in delivering contracts requiring great expertize and special care such as mega-yacht dry docking, refurbishment and new building. MEGATECHNICA is in full compliance and accredited for Quality Assurance System EN ISO 9001:2008, Environmental Management System EN ISO 14001:2004 and Health and Safety Management System BS OHSAS 18001:2007. MegaTechnica is registered since 2003 as a Shiprepair Enterprise «Num. GEMI 112596308000» - Category II (Law 2642/98) and today is in Category I (Law 3551/07) in the Registry of shipbuilding, ship conversion, ship repair and ship maintenance companies.more

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Type Name Length [m/ft] Width [m/ft] Draft [m/ft] Lifting capacity [t] Max crane SWL [t] Num. Cranes
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