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West Atlantic Shipyard - SHIPYARD

Max. Length: 110.0 m  | Max. Width: 25.0 m  | Max. Draft: 6.5 m

Last significant accident: 2016/06/21 (6 years ago)  | No accident from: 2012/06/26 (10 years ago)

Port Harcourt, Nigeria | Sailing area: West Africa

West Atlantic Shipyard is a Subsidiary of the PIRIOU group formed in 2004 in Nigeria.To build support ships for the offshore oil and gas industry in accordance with the Nigerian Coastal and Inland Shipping Act and in keeping with the spirit of promoting “local content”.. WEST ATLANTIC SHIPYARD started its activity by building aluminium crew-boats, from 18 to 32m in length. To meet exponential repair demand and the demands of the shipbuilding order book, the shipyard’s workforce has grown to over 200 workers. The Shipyard's primary focus today is specialising in Ship Repair and Dr-Docking Services with 2 x 110 Meter Floating Docks, 300 Meter Quay Space and a Ship Repair related activity services. In line with the spirit of the PIRIOU group, the shipyard aims to be attuned to the needs of current and potential clients by playing the card of proximity to the operating zones, both in construction and in repair and of responsiveness, quality and global offer. morehide

Address Port Onne - Oil and Gas Free Zone, 500243 Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Website http://new.was-shipyard.com/
Phone +2349157892747
Wechat +2349157892747
Whatsapp +2349157892747
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ISO 9001:2015
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Bureau Veritas France 441
American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) United States 169
DNV Norway 63
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