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Aveiro, Portugal | Sailing area: North Sea / Atlantic
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Navalria is a shipyard that develops activity in ship building and repair. With over 35 years in activity, the company has surpassed several stages of significant changes in the markets, being able to survive several difficulties and adversities of the environment, namely in its activity sector, the naval industry. Therefore, the company took the place as a strategic unit for its region – Aveiro – by maintaining the recognition of its clients. In Martifer Group since 2008, Navalria has been changing its management paradigms, following key priorities, for the maintenance of any organization: The investment in people – only with motivated employees it is possible to achieve high levels of productivity and value creation The quality of the services provided to the client After many years operating exclusively in the ship repair activity, since 2009, Navalria started and has been complementing this activity with the construction of ships in steel. Currently, it has a few emblematic constructions in its portfolio and is one of the main shipyards in Portugal. Navalria is also the only Portuguese Shipyard that is part of the European list of licensed shipyards for the dismantling and recycling of out-of-service vessels.more

Address Apartado 39 Porto Comercial Terminal Sul, 3811-901 Aveiro, Portugal
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Phone (+351) 234 xxxx
Fax (+351) 234 xxxx
Main email xxxx@navalria.pt