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MV Werften Rostock GmbH

MV WERFTEN Awards Pemamek with Order of Additional Automated Production Lines

German-based MV WERFTEN has selected Pemamek as the supplier of the extensive automated manufacturing solutions to two of the group’s shipyards, Rostock and Wismar. Pemamek has signed a notable contract with MV WERFTEN to deliver large-scale automated ...

September 28, 2017

Pemamek to deliver production lines to MV Werften shipyards

Pemamek will deliver large-scale automated production lines to MV Werften’s Rostock and Wismar shipyards in Germany. The deal, a continuum for the Pemamek Laser-hybrid welding line contract, signed in 2016, covers designing and delivery, plus site ...

September 28, 2017

MV WERFTEN awards Pemamek with order of additional automated production lines to Rostock and Wismar shipyards

The agreement includes deliveries to two of the three of the shipyards of MV WERFTEN, Rostock and Wismar. Automation, smart production and easy operations as priorities, the extensive production lines are all based on high-efficient PEMA technology.

September 27, 2017

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