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Argem Industries Inc

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Istanbul, Turkey-Founded in 1976 | Sailing area: East Mediterranean & Black Sea
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Argem Shipyard was established at the private sector shipyard Tuzla-İstanbul 1999 by Argem Industries Inc which was a well known group in auto and machinery sectors since 1976. Argem Shipyard covers 10.000 sqm area and 120 m length slipway ,100 metre length guays ,one fully equipped guay for ship repairs and outfitting..has two gentry cranes with 250 tons lifting capacity.modern machinery and various work shops.Our annual steel processing capacity is 10.000 tons. our main asset is our peaple .Engineers and workers,put Argem Shipyard to laeding position İn ship building ,repair and services supplied such as major overhaul re-engining .main propulsion and electrical systems maintenances .Our well known reputation bases on quality And reliability of aur performance.We deliver wessels not only for domestic market but olso For export.We are the first and most experienced shipyard in the area succesfully conducted Export transactions for years.There is a continuous effort to increase technological level and Productivity of the shipyard. We as Argem Shipyard have created our vision and have established our mission to build ships in the best quality possible within the shortest time frame,within reasonable budget. Representing the one of the largest and the most efficient private owned shipyard in Turkey ,the yard has involved in construction of various arctic trawlers and chemical tankers ARGEM SHİPYARD with its philosophy for (.qualıty,dynamısm and effıcıency) is an economic new forc in modern shipbuilding industry..more

Address Sahilyolu Cad. Yakut Sokak No: 26 Güzel Yalı / Pendik, 34890 Istanbul, Turkey
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Phone +90 216 392xxxx
Fax +90 216 392xxxx
Main email xxxx@argemshipyard.com