Features & Benefits for shipowners and technical managers



Find a shipyard within the trading area of your vessel

Use trusteddocks.com and find a shipyard according to your specific demands in the current or future trading area of your vessel. Use the embedded searoutes.com application for determining the deviation/distance between the position of your vessel and a selected shipyard.

specify requirements & ask for quotes –

Enter your Specifications and invite prescreened shipyards to give you a quote.

Be approached by shipyards

Shipyards with premium account and forecast add-on are enabled to contact shipowners and to send tenders. By this means shipowners will receive competitive quotations well in advance to the planned shipyard stay or dry-docking.


Compare potential shipyards

Check potential shipyards regarding their dock facilities, workmanship experience, recent projects and your specific demands. The rating system may help you to decide for the right shipyard for your vessel and the required jobs, irrespective of a regular docking or emergency repairs.


Rate the shipyard after completion of your project

In order to enhance the transparency, you can rate a shipyard and the performance upon completion of your vessel. Share the rating with TrustedDocks.com and the community to help other shipowners in their decision making process and help shipyards to make their services even better.