Market Place

Shipyards and equipment suppliers can use our interconnected marketplace to sell and exchange spare parts. Besides listing the parts, our intelligent databases can immediately tell you which vessels are demanding the parts and in what areas they are sailing.

SMART MARKETPLACE has created the first intelligent marketplace for maritime spare parts. We know which engines on which vessels need maintenance and repairs and we also know in which waters the vessels are sailing and who owns them. Sell you spare parts with our help and target your clients directly with our intelligent algorithms & data


Put your spare parts, that you have on stock, on our marketplace. We immediatly can tell you, which vessels need this parts, where this vessels are sailing and who owns and manages them. It never was so easy to reduce your stock.


You can buy used, new or exchange parts on our market place. Depending on the supplier you can get even gurantee on used parts. makes sure, that you only deal with trusted sellers and our logisticpartner .