for shipowner & managers

Basic Plan
for the start
Recommendation engine for shipyards
Calculate Deviation costs
Contact Information of all Shipyards
E-Book for free download
Share Review with others shipmanagers
Docking Plan
€ 500 per docking
for professional use
Setup Fleetlist / Dockingplan
Create Docking Project
Comparison / Transparency for Shipowner
Perfomance Statistics / Utilization of shipyards
Invite shipyards to e-tender
Support by Email & Phone
Buy add ons
Premium Plan
on request
For custom software integration
Multiple Users
Integration into your fleetmanagement / maintenance system
White label soloution
API access for shipyards

Basic Plan
For all shipyards
standard listing on
Edit & mantain shipyard profile online
List dock specifications, cranes & equipment
Upload images from your dockings
Receive reviews from shipowners/managers
Receive docking slot requests from shipowners
Participate in docking tenders
Premium Plan
per annum
per dockmeter
Premiumlisting on Website
Upload PDF brochures
List employes & contact details
Invite clients for recommendations
Publish Company Policies
Upload videos from your activities
Integrate your shipyard agents
Multiple users per shipyard
Show references on shipyard profile
Press clippings collection
Buy add-ons
Custom Package
on request
For custom software integration
Integration into own software systems
API usage
White label request for own homepage
White label recommondations for own homepage
Custom development

Orderform for shipyards

Add-ons Vessel & Shipyard Data

Owner information
Manager information
Sailing area
Docking history
Vessel docking history
Client docking history
Performance history
Utilization history

Add-ons Market Information & Predictions

New Buildings (Orderbook)
in cooperation with BRL
Current Orderbook
Delivered Vessels
In cooperation with BRL Shipping Consultants
AIS Business Generator
In sailing area
Vessels due for docking / class renewal
Choose sailing area of interest
Shipbreaking Forecast
Expected ships to be scrapped
Future outlook for next 24 month
Vessel predictions
Scrapping value