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  • Maintenance / Repairs
    • Dry Dockings

Damen Shiprepair Van Brink Rotterdam is active in repair, maintenance, spare parts and anchor and chains supply. We are centrally located in Rotterdam port and have unobstructed access to the North Sea. With our four floating dry docks and our modern and well-equipped workshop, we have the knowledge and quality to get the job done.We are dedicated to our work and our high levels of craftsmanship ensure an excellent service. We render services and carry out repair work wherever and whenever required. Our factory-trained engineers have a wide range of experience and undertake planned maintenance as well as emergency assignments. Being well aware of the requirement of ship owners for short and efficient lines of communication, Damen Shiprepair Van Brink Rotterdam provides prompt and effective action. We are determined to satisfy our customers in every possible way. This dedication to our work and high levels of craftsmanship ensures that every customer receives an excellent service. Damen Shiprepair Van Brink Rotterdam has a long and reputable history in maintenance and repair work. To execute the most challenging repairs, we have all the equipment we need at Damen Shiprepair Van Brink Rotterdam. From tools and resources to crane and transport facilities. Damen Shiprepair Van Brink Rotterdam is not only a modern and fully equipped ship repair yard with dry dock facilities, it is also one of the leading companies in the Rotterdam port area for all types of port and voyage repairs. To manage just these activities Damen Shiprepair Van Brink Rotterdam has an extensive fleet of floating and mobile equipment crafts as well as good trained and capable personnel.more

Address: Pastoriestraat 1, 3195 HT Rotterdam, Netherlands
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Type Name Length [m] Width [m] Draft [m] Lifting capacity [t] Max crane SWL [t] Crane capacity
Floating dock Floating Dock 1 * * * * * *
Floating dock Floating Dock 2 * * * * * *
Floating dock Floating Dock 3 * * * * * *
Floating dock Floating Dock 4 * * * * * *
Repairing berth Berth 1 * * * *
Repairing berth Berth 2 * * * *
Repairing berth Berth 3 * * * *
Repairing berth Berth 4 * * * *